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Hoeven Working to Advance Critical Water Supply Projects in North Dakota

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today met with Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) Commissioner Camille Touton in North Dakota to advance regional water projects in the state. Through his role on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Hoeven invited Touton to visit the state and has been working with her to continue moving North Dakota's priorities forward, including the following projects: Northwest Area Water Supply (NAWS). Hoeven has worked since his time as governor to advance NAW… Continue Reading


Hoeven: Senate Passes Water Resources Development Act

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven, a member of the Senate Energy and Water Development Appropriations Committee, today helped pass the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2022, which includes the following North Dakota priorities that he worked to advance: Permanently extends a provision Hoeven originally secured in the 2014 WRDA bill that prohibits the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from charging storage fees for water drawn from the Missouri River. Hoeven had initially introduced his … Continue Reading


Hoeven Secures Commitment from VA to Add Heat & Electricity to Fargo National Cemetery Restroom

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today secured a commitment from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs (USMA) Matthew Quinn to: Add heat and electricity to the planned restroom at the Fargo National Cemetery (FNC). The addition comes as part of the $250,000 cemetery enhancement project that is currently under development, which also includes wind walls and storage space, and is expected to be completed later this year. Work to add running water… Continue Reading


Hoeven: "CHIPS Plus Act" Should Have Been Paid For

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven issued the following statement after voting in opposition to the "CHIPS Plus Act." The legislation is not paid for, increases federal spending by more than $54 billion over ten years and results in an increase of the national debt of more than $79 billion. "At a time when we are facing ever increasing inflation, we need to reign in out-of-control spending and tackle our debt and deficit. I believe we need to do more to manufacture microchips domestically but th… Continue Reading


Hoeven Secures Improvements for Row-Crop Disaster Aid

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today announced that he has secured improvements to the Emergency Relief Program (ERP), the row crop disaster aid that Hoeven funded and has been working to get out to producers. Specifically, the senator has been working to resolve an issue where some producers with 2020 prevent plant claims had those losses inadvertently excluded from their pre-filled ERP application. As a result of Hoeven's efforts, FSA will be issuing corrected applications to affected produc… Continue Reading


Hoeven Helps Introduce Legislation to Prevent Costly Federal Regulations on Energy Development, Help Ensure Fact-Based Rulemaking

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today joined Senator James Lankford (R-Okla.) in introducing the Transparency and Honesty in Energy Regulations Act of 2022. This legislation prohibits the federal government from using the flawed social cost of carbon, social cost of methane, social cost of nitrous oxide or the social cost of any other emission metrics in justification of regulations. "American energy production is being stifled due to the Biden administration using biased estimates to justify … Continue Reading


Hoeven: Senate ENR Committee Advances BLM Mineral Spacing Act

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today secured approval of his Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Mineral Spacing Act by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Hoeven's legislation, cosponsored by Senators Kevin Cramer and Steve Daines, would streamline and improve the permitting process for energy development, remove duplicative regulations and better respect the rights of private mineral holders. "Our legislation is about alleviating the regulatory burden for energy developers and em… Continue Reading


Hoeven: USDA Increases LIP Payment Rates for Calves Under 400 Pounds

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven, Ranking Member of the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Committee and a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, today announced that the Farm Service Agency (FSA) has: Updated its payment rates under the Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) for calves weighing less than 250 pounds, which will now be valued the same as non-adult cattle weighing between 250 and 399 pounds. Increased payment rates for calves under 400 pounds to more accurately reflect … Continue Reading


Hoeven Outlines Growing Crisis at Southern Border, Calls on President Biden to Change His Open Border Policies

WASHINGTON - At a press conference today, Senator John Hoeven, a member of the Senate Homeland Security Appropriations Committee, outlined his recent efforts to call attention to the illegal immigration crisis at the Southwest border. In a trip to McAllen, Texas last week, Hoeven and his colleagues met with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) leadership and took an aerial tour of the border. The senators also held a roundtable with local private land owners and discussed the impact of the B… Continue Reading


Hoeven Continues Pressing CBP to Resume Normal Operating Hours at Northern Ports of Entry

WASHINGTON - In a call with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials this week, Senator John Hoeven: Again pressed Pete Flores, Executive Assistant Commissioner of CBP's Office of Field Operations, to resume normal operating hours at the northern border's ports of entry (POE). Hoeven outlined the ongoing impacts of limited POE hours on local residents and businesses, agriculture producers and commercial haulers, and called on Flores to restore pre-pandemic hours of operation. … Continue Reading


Hoeven, Colleagues Urge USTR Agricultural Negotiator Nominee to Support U.S. Producers

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven, the Ranking Member of the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Committee and a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, urged Doug McKalip, the nominee to be the United States Trade Representative's (USTR) chief agricultural negotiator, to seek trade agreements that support U.S. producers. In a letter led by Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) and Senate Agriculture Committee Ranking Member John Boozman (R-Ark.), Hoeven and his colleagues stressed the importance o… Continue Reading


Hoeven: Red Trail CCS Project First in the U.S. to Operate Under State-Led Carbon Storage Regulations

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today issued the following statement after Red Trail Energy announced that the carbon capture and storage project at its ethanol facility near Richardton, North Dakota is now officially operating. The project is the first of its kind in the U.S. to operate under state-led regulatory authority for carbon storage, an effort which Hoeven began nearly 15 years ago. Specifically, Hoeven worked: As governor, to create a regulatory framework for carbon storage when:… Continue Reading


Hoeven: Americans Feeling the Pain of More Expensive, Less Reliable Energy Due to Biden Administration's Policies

WASHINGTON - During remarks delivered on the Senate floor recently, Senator John Hoeven outlined the impact of the Biden administration's harmful energy agenda, which is resulting in skyrocketing energy prices and fueling record-high inflation. The senator stressed that inflation hit 9.1 percent in June and called on the Biden administration to reverse course on its burdensome regulatory policies. "Americans are continuing to take a financial hit due to more expensive, less reliable energy resu… Continue Reading


Hoeven: Biden Administration Must Enforce our Laws and Secure the Southern Border

MCALLEN, TX - Senator John Hoeven, a member of the Senate Homeland Security Appropriations Committee, traveled to McAllen, Texas with a delegation led by Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn in order to review operations at the Southwest border. The senators received a briefing from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) leadership along with an aerial tour of the border, held a roundtable with local private land owners and received updates from Texas National Guardmembers, National Border Patrol… Continue Reading


Hoeven Continues Calls for Improvements to Disaster Assistance for Producers

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven, ranking member of the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Committee and a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, this week continued his calls to improve disaster assistance for producers. Hoeven joined Senators John Thune (R-S.D.) and Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) in sending a letter to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack urging him to address issues with the implementation of the Emergency Relief Program (ERP), the row crop disaster… Continue Reading


Hoeven Joins Colleagues in Effort to Overturn Biden NEPA Rules

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven this week joined his Senate colleagues, led by Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska), in introducing a joint resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to nullify the Biden administration's National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulation revisions. The recently enacted rules, authored by the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), add new, onerous requirements to the federal permitting process, causing further delays for vital, g… Continue Reading


Hoeven: DOT Renews United Airlines for Two-Year EAS Contract at Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today issued the following statement after the U.S. Department of Transportation selected United Airlines for an Essential Air Service (EAS) contract serving the Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport in Dickinson. Under the contract, United will continue to provide 12 nonstop round trips per week to Denver through September 30, 2024. The contract aligns with Hoeven's efforts to help ensure the airport can continue to safely and efficiently serve the Dickinson regi… Continue Reading


Hoeven, Cramer, Rubio Request CFIUS Review Into Fufeng Land Purchase Near Grand Forks

WASHINGTON - Senators John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer today joined Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in sending a letter to U.S. Department of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and U.S. Treasury Department Secretary Janet Yellen requesting that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) conduct a review of the Chinese food manufacturer Fufeng Group's recent purchase of land near Grand Forks, North Dakota. The senators believe that a… Continue Reading


ND Delegation: President Issues Disaster Declaration in North Dakota for Severe Spring Storms, Flooding & Power Outages

WASHINGTON - Senators John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer and Congressman Kelly Armstrong today issued the following statement after President Biden issued a major presidential disaster declaration for severe spring storms in North Dakota. In a letter to the president last month, the delegation urged for the declaration's approval, stressing that repeated storms resulted in significant damages, power outages and flooding, which impacted the state through April and May. "North Dakota saw unprecedented … Continue Reading


Hoeven Honors WWII Veteran, Medal of Honor Recipient Woody Williams

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today honored the last World War II Medal of Honor recipient, Hershel W. "Woody" Williams at the U.S. Capitol. Williams was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Truman for his heroic efforts at the Battle of Iwo Jima in 1945. A West Virginia native, Williams continued to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps twenty years after the war ended and went on to become a veterans service representative at the Huntington Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center in West Virginia,… Continue Reading

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