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Hoeven Announces ARC-PLC Signup Process Starts October 6

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today announced that North Dakota farm owners can begin working with their local Farm Service Agency (FSA) to take the first step toward signing up for the newly created Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programs. As a member of both the Senate Agriculture Committee and the farm bill conference committee, Hoeven worked to craft and pass the new risk management programs as part of the 2014 farm bill. "We worked hard to ensure the far… Continue Reading


Hoeven: Small Business Administration Recommends EPA Withdraw Waters of the U.S. Rule

BISMARCK, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven said the Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy has recommended that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) withdraw the proposed Waters of the U.S. rule. The Office of Advocacy, an independent voice for small businesses, said the EPA and Corps used an incorrect data for determining their obligations under the Regulatory Flexibility Act and that it will impose costs directly on small businesses and have a significant economic impact on them. "… Continue Reading


Hoeven Working to Build States-First Energy Plan for the Nation

BISMARCK, N.D. - Speaking today at the Lignite Energy Council's annual meeting, Senator John Hoeven drove home the importance of building the kind of energy plan for the country that we built in North Dakota with Empower ND. That means taking a states-first, all-of-the-above approach toward energy development that will create jobs and boost the economy, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Hoeven addressed three especially burdensome Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules: proposed ca… Continue Reading


Hoeven: Manvel Elementary, Sweetwater Elementary Named National Blue Ribbon Schools

BISMARCK, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven today congratulated Manvel Elementary and Sweetwater Elementary Schools on being designated as 2014 National Blue Ribbon School Award Winners by the United States Department of Education. "The Blue Ribbon designation is a mark of excellence and celebrates the hard work of the educators and students at Sweetwater Elementary and Manvel Elementary School," said Hoeven. "We are proud of these schools and their communities for being recognized nationally for th… Continue Reading


Hoeven Statement on Norsk Hostfest

BISMARCK, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven today issued the following statement to mark this year's opening of the annual Norsk Høstfest Scandinavian Festival scheduled to begin today in Minot: "Over the past thirty-seven years Norsk Høstfest has grown into the largest Scandinavian festival in North America, annually bringing tens of thousands of people from around the world to our state to celebrate North Dakota's Scandinavian roots. North Dakota is proud of the legacy handed down to… Continue Reading


Hoeven Announces Nearly $400K to North Dakota for Youth Offender Supervision

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today announced that the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) has awarded nearly $400,000 in formula funds to the North Dakota Department of Corrections Division of Juvenile Services to continue its Attendant Care program, which provides non-secure supervision for juvenile offenders as an alternative to secure detention or jail at nine sites throughout the state. The funds are made available through the … Continue Reading


Hoeven Completion of Major Runway Project Positions Minot Air Force Base for the Future

MINOT, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven has worked through his position on the Senate Appropriations Committee to fund major renovations on the Minot Air Force Base and today joined Air Force leaders, civilian employees and other dignitaries to celebrate the completion of the base's new $57 million runway project. The multi-year runway project is a key strategic asset to the base and can help extend its operational life, Hoeven said. The senator worked to secure federal funding for the runway repai… Continue Reading


Spirit Lake and Turtle Mountain to Receive $1.4 Million to Help Disabled Tribal Members Gain Employment

BISMARCK, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven today announced that the Spirit Lake Nation and the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians have been awarded a combined total of more than $1.4 million to assist tribal members with disabilities find employment. The grants are part of the Vocational Rehabilitation Service Projects for American Indians with Disabilities, and are awarded by the U.S. Department of Education. Funding is as follows: Spirit Lake $506,217 Turtle Mountain $900,000 "Pe… Continue Reading


Hoeven Announces Nearly $10 Million in Federal Funding to Support Job-Driven Training Programs at ND Colleges

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven, a member of the U.S. Senate Appropriations and Energy Committees, today announced that the U.S. Department of Labor has awarded nearly $10 million to support job-driven energy and related industry training programs at four North Dakota colleges. Bismarck State College received $4.1 million to lead a consortium of four schools focused on training in the energy, transportation, utility and construction sectors as part of the Training for Regional Energy in North … Continue Reading


Hoeven Announces Funding to Increase Education and Job Skills for North Dakotans in Minot, Grand Forks, Fargo

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, today announced that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has awarded more than $250,000 in funding to help North Dakotans in Minot, Grand Forks and Fargo acquire education and develop job skills to prepare them for North Dakota's growing economy. "With North Dakota's growing and more diversified economy, we are creating real opportunities for people with the right skills," Hoeven said. "T… Continue Reading


Hoeven Outlines Efforts to Block Waters of the U.S. Rule at Stockmen's Association Convention

DICKINSON, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven today told members of the North Dakota Stockmen's Association (NDSA) at the group's 85th Annual Convention & Trade Show that he is working on the Appropriations Committee to block the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) proposed Waters of the U.S. rule by preventing the agency from using any funding to implement it. The senator is also cosponsoring legislation that would prevent the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers from implementing the rule. S… Continue Reading


Hoeven Continues to Press OPM for Cost-of-Living Adjustments for Federal Workers at Minot Air Force Base and in Western ND

MINOT, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven today pressed Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Director Katherine Archuleta to expedite work the office is doing with the Department of the Interior (DOI) to address cost-of-living challenges faced by federal workers at Minot Air Force Base (MAFB) and in western North Dakota. OPM is charged with recruiting and retaining a high-quality federal workforce. The senator pointed out that the Air Force, U.S. Postal Service and state of North Dakota are making effo… Continue Reading


Hoeven Works with Airport Officials to Plan Next Steps for Dickinson Airport Infrastructure Projects, New Terminal

DICKINSON, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven today held a roundtable at Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport to outline the next steps for the city's future infrastructure projects, including a new runway and terminal, at Dickinson's growing airport, as well as for an update on infrastructure projects currently underway. Hoeven has been working to secure federal funding for the airport and helped to secure regional jet service to meet the region's travel needs. "Western North Dakota's growth has brough… Continue Reading


Hoeven Announces $560K in HHS Funds for Fargo Nonprofits

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today announced that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has awarded two grants totaling $560,000 to nonprofit organizations operating in Fargo. The details of the awards are as follows: Neuropsychiatric Research Institute - $457,040 - This award will support research into psychosocial issues of patients who have undergone bariatric surgery. The funds are made available through the National Institute of Health's (NIH) Diabetes, Endocrinology… Continue Reading


Hoeven Announces DOJ Grant to Support Services for Victims of Violent Crimes

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today announced that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has awarded a grant totaling $844,869 to the North Dakota Department of Health to develop and implement programs to assist North Dakota women who have been victims of violent crimes. The grant will support developing victim-centered law enforcement, prosecution and court strategies that address violent crimes against women and foster effective victim services. "Preventing and combating violence against wo… Continue Reading


Hoeven Announces Nearly $730K in DOJ Funds to Support Law Enforcement Officers in West Fargo, Stutsman County, Tioga, Griggs County

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today announced that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has awarded four grants totaling nearly $730,000 to cities and counties in North Dakota to create new and preserve existing law enforcement officer positions to increase the communities' policing capacity and crime prevention efforts. The funds are made available through the DOJ's COPS Hiring Program and will support the salary and benefits of six officer positions in the state. The details of the awards a… Continue Reading


Hoeven Announces $6.4 Million in USDA Loans and Grants to Support Rural Business in North Dakota

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has awarded nearly $6.4 million in loans and grants to support rural business activities in North Dakota. The funds are made available through two USDA programs, the Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant (REDLG) Program and the Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program (RMAP), which were continued by the 2014 farm bill. The REDLG Program provides zero-interest loans to local utilities, which the… Continue Reading


Hoeven Announces More Than $650,000 in DOJ Funds to Fight Violence Against Women in North Dakota

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today announced that the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) Office on Violence Against Women has awarded a total of $657,320 to the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation (MHA) and the North Dakota Council on Abused Women's Services (NDCAWS). Grant details are as follows: • Three Affiliated Tribes, MHA - $449,480 - The funds will be used to develop and strengthen tribal justice systems and improve the tribal government's ability… Continue Reading


Hoeven: CP Railway Implementing New Reporting, Making Capital Investments to Improve Capacity

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven has been pressing Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CP) to come up with a plan to reduce agriculture shipment delay. Friday, CP's Vice President of Marketing reported that the company is investing additional resources to its North Dakota customers and has implemented a new, more transparent service offering and report to the Surface Transportation Board. "We will continue to press Canadian Pacific to devote the resources necessary to catch up on agriculture sh… Continue Reading


Hoeven Announces More Than $1.3 Million in DOJ Funds to Address Alcohol, Substance Abuse at ND Tribes

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today announced that the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) has made two awards totaling more than $1.3 million to Native American tribes in North Dakota to address crimes related to alcohol and substance abuse. The awards are granted to the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians and the Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe for $749,462 and $588,810, respectively. The funds are made available through the DOJ's Justice Systems and Alcohol a… Continue Reading

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