Hoeven Votes for Regulatory Relief

Senate Approves CRA to Push Back on Biden’s Burdensome NEPA Revisions

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven today voted for a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution he helped introduce to nullify the Biden administration’s revisions to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). By voting for the CRA to reverse the Biden administration’s regulatory onslaught, the senator is working to advance permitting certainty to empower the nation to produce more energy here at home, alleviate supply chain constraints and bring down inflation. In a press conference earlier this week, Hoeven called on his colleagues to help knock down the burdensome revisions.

“The Biden administration’s revisions to NEPA are a clear example of the administration making these problems worse, and today’s vote by the Senate shows bipartisan support to knock down these harmful regulations,” said Hoeven. “Under these rules, environmental reviews would take longer and cost more, the opposite of what our nation needs right now.” 

During the Trump administration, Hoeven supported efforts to modernize and streamline regulations under NEPA, helping to prevent delays and reduce costs for infrastructure projects. The Biden administration recently reversed these important reforms and enacted rules that add new, onerous requirements to the federal permitting process, causing further delays for vital, good-paying infrastructure projects that would help put Americans back to work.