Caucus Membership

Members of Congress with common interests often work in informal groups called caucuses. Caucus members meet to discuss common concerns, craft policy and research legislation.

Senator Hoeven is a member of the following caucuses, task forces or coalitions:

  • Air Force Caucus
  • Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus
  • Senate Western Caucus
  • Norwegian Caucus
  • Rural Education Caucus
  • National Guard Caucus
  • E-911 Caucus
  • Rural Health Caucus
  • General Aviation Caucus
  • Impact Aid Coalition
  • Senate Republican High-Tech Task Force
  • Senate Veterans Jobs Caucus
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems Caucus
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Caucus
  • ICBM Coalition
  • Port-to-Plains Caucus
  • UAS Integration Working Group
  • Senate Cultural Caucus
  • Former Governors Caucus
  • Broadband Caucus
  • Broadcast Caucus
  • Law Enforcement Caucus
  • Senate Entrepreneurship Caucus
  • Senate Defense Communities Caucus
  • Rare Disease Congressional Caucus