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Hoeven Joins Colleagues Demanding Biden Administration End Its War on U.S. Oil & Gas

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven joined Senator Bill Cassidy (R-La.) in demanding the Biden administration end its war against domestic oil and gas production and continue to sell oil and gas leases on federal land and water. This effort comes in response to the U.S. Department of the Interior's draft proposal for the Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program, in which the department expressed interest in canceling future lease sales for the next five years. Today's letter comes as the… Continue Reading


Hoeven Statement After Opposing Continuing Resolution

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, today issued the following statement after the Senate voted on a continuing resolution providing appropriations through December 16: "I voted against the CR because Congress needs to work through regular order to fund the government while at the same time finding savings to get our debt and deficit under control." -###-… Continue Reading


Hoeven Helps Introduce Legislation to Protect Private Property Owners from Government Overreach

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven joined Senators Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) and Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) in introducing the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Wetland Compliance and Appeals Reform Act. This legislation would protect private property rights and would safeguard farmers, ranchers and landowners from the bureaucracy of the NRCS and empower them to make the best decisions for their land. "North Dakota farmers and ranchers take care of their land better than anyone else," said Hoev… Continue Reading


Hoeven: It's Time for Biden Administration to End COVID-19 Restrictions Along U.S. Northern Border

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven issued the following statement after Canada announced that all COVID-19 testing, quarantine and vaccination restrictions along the northern border would end as of October 1. "As Canada has ended their COVID-19 restrictions along the U.S. border, it's now time for the Biden administration to follow suit. North Dakota and other northern border states rely greatly on trade and travel with our northern neighbors for economic opportunity, and Canadians should not be… Continue Reading


Hoeven Helps Introduce Legislation to Stop the Ban of Traditional Ammo & Tackle on Public Lands

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven this week joined Senator Steve Daines (R-Mont.) in introducing the Protecting Access for Hunters and Anglers Act of 2022. This legislation would prohibit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from banning the use of traditional lead ammunition or tackle on public lands. This bill comes one week after the USFWS published a rule that prohibited the use of lead ammunition and fishing tackle at ce… Continue Reading


Hoeven Working to Improve Rancher Access to Fair & Competitive Markets, Strengthen Livestock Disaster Programs

BISMARCK, N.D. - At the North Dakota Stockmen's Association annual meeting today, Senator John Hoeven discussed his efforts as the Ranking Member of the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Committee and a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee to: Improve ranchers' access to fair and competitive markets. This includes securing language in Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 funding legislation to establish at the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) a cattle contract library, which would help … Continue Reading


Hoeven: Army Corps Awards Contract for Pipestem Dam Safety Project Construction

JAMESTOWN, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven today announced that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a $131.5 million contract to Barnard Construction Company for the construction of the Pipestem Dam safety modification project, utilizing funding that Hoeven worked to secure for the project in the Corp's Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 work plan. Through his role on the Senate Energy and Water Development Appropriations Committee, Hoeven worked with the Corps to ensure the project continued to be funde… Continue Reading


Hoeven Cosponsors Legislation to Preserve Servicemember Readiness, Stop DoD COVID Vaccine Terminations

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven this week joined Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) in introducing the Preserving the Readiness of our Armed Forces Act of 2022. This legislation would preserve the readiness of the Armed Forces by limiting separations based on COVID-19 vaccination status and continuing pay and benefits for members while religious and health accommodations are pending. As the military faces recruiting and retention deficits, it is not in the interest of national security to separ… Continue Reading


ND Delegation: DoD Announces Funding to Prevent Road Washouts Near Minot Air Force Base

WASHINGTON - Senators John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer and Congressman Kelly Armstrong today announced that the Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded $2.9 million to the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT). This funding was made available through the Defense Community Infrastructure Pilot Program and will be used for road maintenance at the crossroad of US Highway 2 and US Highway 52, commonly referred to as Brooks Junctio… Continue Reading


Hoeven: Solution to High Energy Costs is Clear; Biden Administration Needs to Take Handcuffs off U.S. Oil & Gas Producers

WASHINGTON - During remarks delivered on the Senate floor this week, Senator John Hoeven outlined how the Biden administration's policies are undermining U.S. energy security and causing persistent record-high inflation for American consumers and businesses. The senator called on the administration to empower greater domestic energy production, utilizing all of the nation's abundant energy resources, including coal, oil and natural gas. "North Dakotans are paying 60 percent more for gasoline si… Continue Reading


ND Delegation: CBP Agrees to Expand Operating Hours at Maida, Northgate and Sherwood Ports of Entry in North Dakota

WASHINGTON - Senators John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer and Congressman Kelly Armstrong today announced that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agreed to temporarily expand operating hours at Maida, Northgate and Sherwood ports of entry (POE) in North Dakota. Pending agreement from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), the hours of operation at these three POEs will be 9am to 7pm, 10 hours per day. In July, the delegation raised this priority to CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus, stressing the … Continue Reading


Hoeven Announces $15.9 Million to Grand Forks International Airport for Taxiway Reconstruction

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven, a member of the Senate Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Committee, today announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded $15.9 million to the Grand Forks International Airport. This funding was made available under the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funded by the annual appropriations process and will be used to support the required sewer and earthwork necessary for the extension and reconstruction of Taxiway B… Continue Reading


Hoeven Joins Colleagues Calling for Special Counsel Authority for Hunter Biden Prosecutor

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven, along with Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), this week pressed Attorney General Merrick Garland to extend special counsel protections to U.S. Attorney David Weiss as he conducts an investigation into Hunter Biden. In addition to Hoeven and Cornyn, the letter was signed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA), John Thune (R-SD), John Barrasso (R-WY), Joni Ernst (R-IA), Rick Scott (R-FL), Ron Johnson (R-WI), Lindsey Graham (R… Continue Reading


Hoeven Welcomes 1-188th ADA Battalion Back to North Dakota Following Third Deployment to Washington, D.C.

GRAND FORKS, N.D. - At a welcome home ceremony today, Senator John Hoeven thanked the members of the North Dakota Army National Guard's (NDARNG) 1st Battalion, 188th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (ADA) for their service defending the airspace of the National Capital Region (NCR) during their recent deployment under Operation Noble Eagle. Hoeven honored the sacrifices made by the soldiers and their families, who come from communities across the state, highlighting that this was the battalion's t… Continue Reading


Hoeven Resolution Honors 75th Anniversary of U.S. Air Force

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven, along with his fellow U.S. Senate Air Force Caucus Co-chairs Senators John Boozman (R-Ark.), Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), this week introduced a Senate resolution commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Air Force as an independent military branch. In addition to the resolution, Hoeven delivered remarks at the Air Force celebration held in the U.S. Capitol earlier this week with Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall, Air Force Chief of Staff Cha… Continue Reading


Hoeven: America Benefits from Strong Farm Policy, Hard Work of Ag Producers Every Single Day

FARGO, N.D. - At a farm bill roundtable today, Senator John Hoeven outlined the importance of maintaining strong farm policy, which supports the hard work of the nation's farmers and ranchers as they provide the food, fuel and fiber that America needs. Hoeven, who serves as a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, held the meeting today with Senate Agriculture Committee Ranking Member John Boozman (R-Ark.) to allow North Dakota producers, commodity groups and other agri-businesses to… Continue Reading


Hoeven Presses Administration to End Head Start Covid Mandates

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven this week sent a letter to Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra pressing the administration to rescind its one-size-fits-all mask and COVID-19 vaccine mandates on Head Start programs. Despite a court injunction, HHS still has in place an interim final rule (IFR) requiring Head Start staff and volunteers to be vaccinated and all staff, volunteers and children age two and older to wear masks, including when they are outside. "Whi… Continue Reading


Hoeven Congratulates Schools in Larimore, Linton and Bismarck Named 2022 National Blue Ribbon Awards

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today congratulated Larimore Elementary School, Linton Public School and Bismarck's Roosevelt Elementary School on being designated by the U.S. Department of Education as 2022 National Blue Ribbon Schools. Since 1982, the Blue Ribbon School award has honored public and private schools across the country that display overall academic excellence or progress in closing achievement gaps. "Being named a Blue Ribbon School requires the hard work and dedication of stu… Continue Reading


Hoeven Helps Introduce Bill to Remove Burdensome Regulations on Trucking Industry

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today joined Senator Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) in introducing the Trucking Regulations Unduly Constricting Known Service-providers (TRUCKS) Act. At a time when the American Trucking Association estimates a nationwide trucker shortage of 80,000 drivers, this legislation would remove burdensome government regulations, which are impacting the agricultural industry, school districts and trucking companies in rural America. "At a time when we already have a shortage of dr… Continue Reading


Hoeven & Cramer Statement on Nomination of Mac Schneider as U.S. Attorney for North Dakota

WASHINGTON - Senators John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer today issued the following statements after the president nominated McLain "Mac" Schneider to serve as the U.S. Attorney for North Dakota. "The U.S. Attorney plays a central role in ensuring our nation's laws are enforced, holding offenders accountable and supporting our law enforcement officers, and we offer our congratulations to Mac on being nominated to this important post in North Dakota," said Senator Hoeven. "Congratulations to Mac on… Continue Reading

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