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Senators: President Obama's Cushing Visit Highlights His Continuing Obstruction of Keystone XL Project

WASHINGTON - Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.), along with Senators John Thune (R-S.D.), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), John Cornyn (R-Texas), Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), and David Vitter (R-La.) today said President Barack Obama's visit to Cushing, Okla. just highlights that he is continuing to obstruct the Keystone XL pipeline project while our economy languishes and gas prices continue to rise for American consumers. The senators were joined by Congressmen Lee Terry (R-Nebraska) and Conni… Continue Reading


Hoeven Calls on NRCS Chief For Consistent, Sensible Conservation Wetlands Compliance Rules for Farmers

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today met with Dave White, Chief of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to call for consistent and sensible rules governing compliance with wetland conservation requirements. Hoeven also invited Chief White to come to North Dakota this spring to meet with area producers and find workable policies for determining wetlands designations. Since the 1985 Farm Bill, producers need certifications from the NRCS in order to make certain improvements t… Continue Reading


Hoeven Seeking Summer Interns

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven is currently accepting applications for summer interns to serve in his Washington, D.C. office as well as his Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks and Minot state offices. "We work with a range of interesting and timely issues every day in our D.C. and state offices, and we hope to provide our interns with an educational experience that will be memorable and valuable for their future career development," said Hoeven. "We look forward to the energy and talent interns bri… Continue Reading


Hoeven Presses For Quick Confirmation of Clark to the FERC

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today said North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Tony Clark's experience and work in North Dakota and as chair of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) make him an ideal candidate for a position on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Hoeven introduced Clark at a Senate Energy Committee hearing today and urged his Senate colleagues to quickly confirm Clark, who was nominated in January for the FERC position. While … Continue Reading


Hoeven Updates Western North Dakota Leaders on New Highway Bill, Keystone Pipeline, Regional Haze, USGS Bakken Study

WILLISTON and DICKINSON, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven was in Williston and Dickinson today to brief city and county leaders from the region on the progress of federal legislation and other issues important to North Dakota, including a new highway bill passed last week by the U.S. Senate, the Keystone XL pipeline project, the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) recent regional haze ruling and a study underway by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to reassess petroleum reserves in western North D… Continue Reading


Hoeven Updates City, County Leaders on New Highway Bill, Keystone Pipeline, Regional Haze, USGS Bakken Study

BISMARCK, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven today briefed city and county leaders on the progress of legislation and other issues important to North Dakota, including a new highway bill passed this week by the U.S. Senate, the Keystone XL pipeline project, the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) recent regional haze ruling and a study underway by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to reassess petroleum reserves in western North Dakota. Highway Transportation Bill Provides Record Funding for North D… Continue Reading


ND Senators: Highway Bill Moves Nation Forward in Right Direction

Washington - Senators Kent Conrad and John Hoeven today welcomed Senate passage of bipartisan legislation reauthorizing America's federal highway and surface transportation programs. The legislation known as MAP-21 - Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century - holds federal spending at current levels and will provide more than $527 million over the next two years to support North Dakota highways, roads and bridges. "This bill makes the infrastructure investment our nation so desperately ne… Continue Reading


Hoeven, Corps Planning Overview of Missouri River System

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven this week met with Brig. Gen. John McMahon, Commander of the NW Division of the Corps of Engineers, and other Corps officials to review flood preparations in North Dakota communities and to begin planning an overview of Missouri River management practices. Hoeven and Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO), along with Corps officials, are planning onsite evaluations of flood repairs and management practices in upstream and downstream communities this spring. "A review of the… Continue Reading


Hoeven Honors Fargo-Based Packet Digital For Earning Prestigious Award

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven this week congratulated Fargo-based Packet Digital, LLC for being named the Electronics and Overall Innovation Challenge Winner at Aviation Week's 2012 Innovation Challenge. Hoeven met with Packet Digital Chief Executive Officer Dr. Joel Jorgenson and Chief Operating Officer Terri Zimmerman in the U.S. Capitol on Thursday. "Packet Digital is an outstanding example of the kind of innovation and hard work that drives our economy and will lead to the f… Continue Reading


Hoeven Statement on Democrat Keystone Amendment to the Highway Bill

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven issued the following statement today in response to the Democrats' Keystone XL pipeline amendment, which has been offered as an amendment to the Highway bill and will likely be voted on in the coming days: "The Democrats' amendment actually adds further impediments to the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline project. Not only does it require TransCanada to start over in the application process after more than three and half years-just as the President's den… Continue Reading


Hoeven Statement on Bipartisan Support By Majority of Senators for Keystone XL Amendment

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven (R-N.D.) today issued the following statement after the Senate voted on an amendment he introduced, along with Senators Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) and David Vitter (R-La.), to approve the Keystone XL pipeline and move forward construction on the project: "Our Keystone legislation received strong bipartisan support in the Senate. Although it didn't receive the 60 votes necessary for passage, 56 senators voted in favor of the bill, including 11 Democrats. With two ad… Continue Reading


Hoeven Meets with Top Corps Officials on North Dakota Flood Management Priorities

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today met with top officials from the Army Corps of Engineers to press for flood protections in the Bismarck-Mandan area, continued action on current flood plans in the Red River Valley and Devils Lake, and to expedite comprehensive flood plans in the Souris River Basin. "We had productive meetings today with Corps officials to ensure they are moving forward on all of our state's flood protection priorities," said Hoeven. "We especially made it clear that the … Continue Reading


Hoeven: Energy Innovations, Partnerships Key to Buildng North American Energy Security

FARGO, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven today brought together leading experts from academia, the national laboratories, and the public and private sectors to advance energy innovation and development. Hoeven said building partnerships between leading energy experts will spur technological innovations to increase energy production and realize North American energy security in the coming years. "Together with Canada, we can achieve North American energy security within five to seven years, if we take… Continue Reading


Senate Passes Resolution Calling for Free and Fair Elections in Iran

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven (R-N.D.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) released the following statements today after the Senate passed their resolution, S. Res. 386, which calls on the government of Iran to respect universal human rights and hold free, fair and open elections that meet international standards. The resolution comes following a history of corrupt elections and repression in the Iranian electoral system, including in the nation'… Continue Reading


EPA Approves Majority of North Dakota Clean Air Plan

WASHINGTON - Senators John Hoeven and Kent Conrad, Congressman Rick Berg, and Governor Jack Dalrymple announced today that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has agreed to most of the state's clean air plan for regional haze. EPA officials met today with Conrad and Hoeven, with Berg and Dalrymple joining via phone, and agreed to adopt most of the State Implementation Plan (SIP) for regional haze rather than a more costly federal plan. Through this agreement, the EPA will provide North Dak… Continue Reading


Hoeven Works with Guard, Air Force Leaders to Ensure ND Defense Priorities

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today met with North Dakota National Guard leaders, Adj. Gen. David Sprynczynatyk, Brig. Gen. Al Dohrmann and Civil Engineer Steve Tabor, to continue working to retain a manned flying mission for the state's Air Guard. Hoeven also met with Col. Timothy Bush in support of missions at the Grand Forks Air Force Base. "Our National Guard members and Airmen do a tremendous job defending our state and nation," said Hoeven. "In meetings today with leaders of the Nort… Continue Reading


Delegation, Task Force 21 Go to Bat for Minot AFB

Washington - In a meeting at the Pentagon today, North Dakota's Congressional Delegation and members of Minot's Task Force 21 urged Air Force leaders to remain committed to America's nuclear mission, including the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) force based at Minot Air Force Base. "We are closely watching the implementation of New START and remain committed to working with the Air Force to ensure that America's force structure remains at 450 silos and that all of Minot's bombers sta… Continue Reading


Hoeven: Haag, American NGO Workers on their Way Back to U.S.

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today welcomed the Egyptian government's decision to lift the travel ban on seven American non-governmental organization (NGO) workers who were detained in that country, including Fargo, North Dakota native Staci Haag. Hoeven met with Haag and the other American detainees last week in Cairo. The senator also met with Egyptian military and government leaders to encourage them to lift the travel ban, which had been imposed on the American NGO workers since late Jan… Continue Reading


Hoeven Announces Agenda for Energy Symposium

FARGO, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven today announced the agenda for the North Dakota Energy Technology Symposium at North Dakota State University on March 5, 2012. Hoeven and NDSU are hosting the conference, which is sponsored by the University, the Howard Baker Forum and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. "North Dakota is a leader in the nation's energy industry, and we continue to develop new technologies that produce more energy for our nation, with greater efficiency and better environ… Continue Reading


Hoeven, Blumenthal, Lieberman, Graham, More Than 50 U.S. Senators Introduce Resolution Calling for Free and Fair Elections in Iran

WASHINGTON - In support of the Iranian people, Senators John Hoeven (R-N.D.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and more than 50 senators today introduced a bipartisan resolution calling on the government of Iran to respect universal human rights and hold free, fair and open elections later this week that meet international standards. Hoeven, Blumenthal and Graham recently returned from a senate mission to the Middle East, which they say highlighted t… Continue Reading

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