Hoeven Reviews Progress of New Intelligence Targeting Facility in Fargo, 188th Deployment to Washington

Senator Meets with Maj. Gen. Dohrmann, Working to Support North Dakota National Guard

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven today reviewed the priorities of the North Dakota National Guard (NDNG) in a meeting with Major General Al Dohrmann, the Adjutant General for the state. As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee on Military Construction, Hoeven is working to support the members of the NDNG in their missions and provide the tools they need to succeed.

“Our National Guard members provide vital service, both at home and abroad, and they represent the best of our state in their excellent work,” Hoeven said. “I took the opportunity to thank General Dohrmann for the Guard’s outstanding work supporting law enforcement efforts during the pipeline protests. We continue working to support them in their missions, including supporting bipartisan legislation to ensure that they receive the benefits they’re entitled to. We’ve also worked to secure funding for a new facility for the intelligence mission at Hector Field and pressing the Air Force to use the training academies at Grand Sky to meet its demand for UAS pilots.”

Guard Benefits

Hoeven is supporting legislation to ensure that Guard members mobilized under certain domestic, pre-planned operations, like the North Dakota Army National Guard’s support for Operation Noble Eagle in Washington, D.C., are eligible for the same benefits as Guard members mobilized under unanticipated operations at home or overseas operations, who receive benefits similar to those available to active duty service members. 

119th Air Wing Missions in Fargo        

Hoeven commended Dohrmann on the good work of the 119th Air Wing, which has received the Air Force’s Outstanding Unit Award 18 times, with the latest award coming this past December. The senator also sought an update from Dohrmann on the progress of the new facility for the intelligence targeting mission at Hector Field. Hoeven secured $7.3 million for the new facility in the Fiscal Year 2016 funding bill.

The 119th Air Wing also conducts MQ-9 Reaper operations. The MQ-9 is manufactured by General Atomics, a tenant of the Grand Sky UAS Technology Park. Hoeven continues working to allow the Air Force to use the academies at Grand Sky to train pilots for the Reaper to address the shortfall of pilot’s for this aircraft. 

188th Air Defense Deployment

Earlier this year, the 188th Air Defense Artillery Regiment was deployed to Washington, D.C., the unit’s second deployment for Operation Noble Eagle. In this mission, the unit is defending the airspace around the nation’s capital. The 188th has been deployed more than any other North Dakota Army National Guard unit since 2001.