Hoeven: Rep. Mike Pompeo Has Right Knowledge and Experience to be CIA Director

WASHINGTON -- Senator John Hoeven today issued the following statement after the Senate confirmed Representative Mike Pompeo of Kansas to be the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA):

“It’s important for the administration to get a strong national security team in place as soon as possible, and Mike Pompeo’s confirmation is an important part of achieving that objective. He brings a keen understanding of the world and the right background to lead the Central Intelligence Agency. As a graduate of West Point and Harvard Law School, an entrepreneur in the aerospace industry and a member of the House Intelligence Committee, he comes well equipped for the job.

“As founder of Thayer Aerospace, I believe he understands the importance of having support overseas from Unmanned Aerial Systems. North Dakota is a leader in UAS technology research, development and training and has much to offer the intelligence community in this regard. We look forward to working with the agency on advanced UAS technology and pilot training opportunities in the future.”