Hoeven, Cramer & Armstrong to FCC: Improve Access to Broadband by Improving Broadband Maps

WASHINGTON – Senators John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer and Congressman Kelly Armstrong this week urged Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai to provide better access to broadband by improving the accuracy of broadband maps. Specifically, the delegation noted that the FCC could improve broadband mapping by:

  • More accurately reporting where broadband service exists by making data reporting more granular;
  • Ensuring ISP provided data is accurate by establishing a meaningful challenge process to verify the accuracy of data reported.

“Broadband enables economic development, increases the ability to access health care services, and expands educational horizons to position our students to compete in a 21st Century economy,” the delegation wrote.

“The importance of access to broadband is why we write to share our concerns with the current broadband maps. We request that the FCC more precisely identify where fixed and mobile broadband service is available or lacking in North Dakota and across the United States. Accurate broadband maps are important to ensure federal funding is used efficiently and effectively, and targets areas that stand to benefit the most.

“It is important for the FCC to develop more standardized, granular reporting of broadband availability – while also balancing the burdens of reporting especially for smaller operators. Additionally, it is important to ensure the accuracy of that more granular data.”

The full text of the letter can be read by clicking here.