Visit to Largest Employer in Steele County, Top Taste Bakery

July 25 2016 03:30 aaa

Senator Hoeven will visit Top Taste Bakery in Finley, which has been adding value to the region’s agricultural commodities for more than 50 years. Top Taste, the largest employer in Steele County, uses local ingredients in their products, including flour from the North Dakota Mill in Grand Forks, United Crystal Sugar from Moorhead, Minn-Dak yeast from Wahpeton and wheat from around the state.

While much of Top Taste’s sales come from the Upper Midwest region, the company also distributes to Texas, the southeast and other parts of the country. Through his role on the Senate Agriculture Committee, Hoeven advocates for farmers and ranchers in North Dakota, and Top Taste’s success using homegrown commodities exemplifies the quality of North Dakota’s products.

WHEN: Monday, July 25
3:30 p.m. CT

WHERE: 206 4th Street W