Drayton Levee Review

July 26 2016 12:00 PM

Senator Hoeven will be in Drayton to review the levee on the Red River. It is constructed on property that was bought out with federal FEMA dollars, and the agency is trying to force its removal. Senator Hoeven has legislation that would allow the levee in Drayton and ones like it in other cities to remain as long as the “construction constitutes part of a flood control project and conforms to other criteria as established by FEMA policy.”

While the legislation is moving – it has already been passed by the Appropriations Committee – Hoeven asked FEMA on Drayton’s behalf for a six-month extension on removing the levee. This week, Hoeven announced that FEMA approved Drayton’s request.

WHEN: Tuesday, July 26
12:00 p.m. CT

WHERE: City Hall
122 S Main Street