Hoeven Statement on DHS Funding

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven today issued the following statement in regard to funding for the Department of Homeland Security:

“Today, the Senate passed legislation to fund the Department of Homeland Security, but it didn’t include provisions to address President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. I did not support the bill because we need to deal with both. Unfortunately, our colleagues on the other side of the aisle continue to filibuster our efforts to address both issues, meaning they are protecting the president’s illegal order.

“The framers of our Constitution included three branches of government – the legislative, executive and judicial branches – to ensure that we have checks and balances in place to protect the rights of the American people. In this regard, the president overstepped his authority by issuing sweeping changes to our immigration policy through executive action. At this point, a federal district court in Texas has checked his action with an injunction, and Congress should work with the courts to prevent President Obama’s executive overreach on immigration.

“I supported a one week continuing resolution that the Senate passed to keep the Department of Homeland Security funded while we work to get a permanent bill in place. When all is said and done, we are trying to craft DHS legislation that funds the agency, stops the president’s overreach and that can pass in both the House and the Senate.”