Hoeven Outlines Impact of Inflation on America's Farmers, Ranchers & Families

WASHINGTON – At a press conference with his Senate Republican colleagues this week, Senator John Hoeven outlined the impact of inflation on America’s farmers, ranchers and families. The senator, a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, stressed how President Biden and Democrats’ policies are driving increased prices and supply chain disruptions, which increase production costs for farmers and ranchers and food prices for families.

“For decades, America’s hardworking farmers and ranchers have provided the world’s highest quality, lowest cost food supply. In fact, our producers are so good at their jobs, the average share of disposable income spent on food in the United States fell from 17 percent in 1960 to just 8.6 percent in 2020,” said Hoeven. 

“However, rising consumer prices, exacerbated by the Democrats’ reckless tax and spend agenda, threaten to disrupt this year’s holiday season and the meals that form the foundation of our traditions. Just last week, we learned that inflation has increased 6.2 percent over the last year, reaching a level not seen since 1990. Midwestern states saw an even larger increase – with inflation up 7.3 percent from last year. Inflation is a tax on everyone, including farmers, ranchers and consumers, and has created problems throughout the entire food supply chain.

“In the face of overwhelming evidence of inflation and its detrimental impact on everyday Americans, Democrats remain committed to increasing taxes and spending – the absolute last thing our country needs.” 

Hoeven’s full remarks can be viewed here.