Hoeven: Democrats' Policies Are Driving Energy Prices & Inflation Even Higher, Imposing a Tax on Every American, Every Day

WASHINGTON – At a press conference with his Senate Republican colleagues today, Senator John Hoeven pushed back on the Biden administration and Democrats’ tax, spending and regulatory policies, which are driving energy costs higher and leading to increased prices for every individual, family and business. 

“We’re seeing higher costs across the economy on goods and services. That is a tax that every single American is paying, every single day. That’s the reality, and it is the policies of this administration that are causing this situation,” Hoeven said.

“To come in on day one and start shutting down pipelines, setting up a moratorium on leasing for federal lands and federal waters, increasing regulation and making it more difficult to produce energy here at home – you can’t do those things without driving up energy prices. Then, the administration takes the sanctions off of Nord Stream 2, allowing Russia to bring natural gas into Europe, and turns around and ask our adversaries, like Russia and the nations of OPEC, to produce more oil while they are trying to suppress that energy production here in our country. It absolutely defies common sense.” 

“Now the administration and our colleagues across the aisle in Congress are working on a big tax and spend plan that will add to this inflation problem. More taxes, more spending and more regulation is going to drive inflation even further.

“Who does it hit the hardest? The people with low incomes. We need to go back to empowering the people who produce energy in this country. They do it better than anyone in the world, and they do it with the best environmental stewardship.”

Hoeven’s full remarks can be viewed here.