Hoeven Joins Bicameral Effort to Support Cuban Fight for Freedom

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven today joined Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.) and House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), along with 143 other members of Congress, in sending a letter to the leaders of the member nations of the Organization of American States and the European Union, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and other democratic nations urging them to support the Cuban people. The efforts called for by the letter include denouncing Cuba’s illegitimate regime and holding it accountable for its horrific human rights abuses through an International Criminal Tribunal, ending all financial support to the regime, coordinating democratic assistance for the brave Cuban freedom advocates, and restoring telecommunications and internet access on the island. Click here to read the letter. 

“Today, after decades of tyranny, oppression and economic devastation because of communist rule, the Cuban people are rising up for freedom,” the members wrote. “They are rising up for opportunity. They are rising up for democracy. It’s time to end this terrible plague of communism on the Cuban people. It’s time for freedom and democracy to prevail. We urge you to stand up for a free Cuba and show your commitment to freedom with immediate action to support their cause. The time for democracy in Cuba is now." 

Last week, Hoeven joined Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) in introducing a resolution to support the Cuban people’s ongoing protest against the current regime.