Hoeven Congratulates ONEOK on ND Investments to Capture Natural Gas, Reduce Flaring in ND

ONEOK Partners to Invest $605 Million to $785 Million

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven today released the following statement in response to ONEOK Partners’ announcement that it will invest $605 to $785 million in the Williston Basin to construct a new Demicks Lake natural gas processing facility and related infrastructure in North Dakota that will help reduce natural gas flaring in the state:

“ONEOK Partners’ announcement today is good news for North Dakota because it will create jobs and capture more natural gas, but it is also good news for the nation at a time when our allies in Europe and Ukraine need natural gas to resist Russian aggression.

“Recently I introduced legislation with Senators John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and John Barrasso that would cut the red tape holding up energy production and infrastructure development, reduce flaring and expedite liquid natural gas (LNG) exports to America’s allies. Opening world markets to North Dakota and U.S. gas production and exports will create jobs, boost our economy, raise our standard of living and help strengthen America’s national security.

“The work ONEOK Partners is doing in North Dakota is an important part of our effort to build a national energy plan, which includes building the infrastructure we need to capture natural gas, bring it to market and reduce flaring.”

Hoeven serves on the U.S. Senate Energy Committee.