Hoeven Introduces, Heitkamp Cosponsors U.S. Senate Resolution Commemorating North Dakota's 125th Anniversary of Statehood

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Senate this week passed a resolution introduced by Senator John Hoeven and cosponsored by Senator Heidi Heitkamp commemorating the 125th anniversary of North Dakota’s statehood. The resolution chronicles significant events in the state’s history and congratulates the state’s residents on driving North Dakota’s many successes, including its recent unprecedented economic growth and rising standard of living.

“North Dakota has come a long way since its beginning,” Hoeven said. “We have built a rich heritage and a remarkable history that is itself an emblem of the nation’s growth over the past century and a quarter. North Dakotans are deeply proud of the contributions, both past and present, that our state has made to our country. We and our ancestors worked hard to make North Dakota the success story it is, so that today, we are a state of hard working people with the strongest economy in America, providing the energy, food and technological innovation our nation needs. As North Dakotans, we have much to be thankful for and plenty to celebrate on the 125th anniversary of our statehood.”

“The story of North Dakota has been built by the generations of families who call our state home, making our history rich beyond belief,” said Heitkamp. “From the Native Americans who settled this land to the families who built our state’s economy from the ground up. We are a people beyond compare with a strong work ethic, profound sense of service, and deep pride for our state. We have shown the benefits of growing crops the nation and world need, responsibly developing our natural resources to pave the way for North American energy independence, and building an economy and job infrastructure that is unrivaled. As North Dakota celebrates its 125th anniversary, the rest of the country is looking to us as we’re leading the way forward.”

The text of the resolution can be found here.