Hoeven & Cramer Pay Tribute to Wayne Stenehjem on Floor of the U.S. Senate

WASHINGTON – Senators John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer today paid tribute to the late North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem through remarks delivered on the floor of the U.S. Senate. The senators highlighted Stenehjem’s public service, including in the North Dakota legislature and as the state’s longest-serving Attorney General, and outlined the attributes that made him an effective colleague and a good friend.

“It was a blessing to have my time as Governor and now Senator coincide with Wayne’s service as Attorney General,” said Senator Hoeven. “This not only provided us many opportunities to work together on issues important to North Dakotans, it allowed me to get to know him as a friend and to experience his many great qualities. He was incredibly intelligent, had a tremendous sense of humor and possessed a deep knowledge about a wide variety of subjects, from sports and trivia to history and law. There is much to miss about Wayne, and many memories to be grateful for.”

“When you accomplish as much as Wayne did and reach the pinnacle of service as the same guy who represented the University of North Dakota’s legislative district in Grand Forks, that says it all about Wayne Stenehjem. On behalf of all North Dakotans, I send heartfelt sympathy to his wife, Beth, his son, Andrew, his large extended family and his legion of dedicated friends and admirers,” said Senator Cramer. “As a lifelong Eagle Scout, Wayne was no doubt familiar with the famous scouting adage: ‘leave a place better than you found it.’ Without a doubt, Wayne left North Dakota and this nation a better place. May we all be inspired by his lifetime of public service and the profound impact it had on all that is excellent about North Dakota today.”