Hoeven Welcomes, Thanks Returning Members of the ND National Guard's 119th Security Forces Squadron

BISMARCK, N.D. – Senator John Hoeven today welcomed home and thanked members of the North Dakota National Guard’s 119th Security Forces Squadron from their deployment in Afghanistan. More than 20 of the 30 Guard members, who deployed in March to Bagram Airfield, arrived home in Fargo last night.

“We are tremendously proud of all of our men and women in the National Guard, and always happy to welcome them home,” said Hoeven. “These individuals protected lives and property, at great risk to themselves, at the busiest air hub the Department of Defense operates. We are grateful for the important work these Guard members did, and will continue to do, both overseas and here at home. We extend our deepest thanks to every member and their family.”

The 119th Security Forces Squadron is based in Fargo. The unit provided a range of security operations, protecting the base perimeter, crews, aircraft and cargo. Some members also served on a mobile Fly-Away-Security-Team (FAST), which proved security for aircraft, crews and cargo around the country.

Seven members of the unit remain deployed overseas, but are expected to return later this month.