Hoeven Urges Compromise on the Continuing Resolution to End the Current Government Shutdown

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven today urged his Senate colleagues to work toward a compromise that will end the government shutdown. His remarks come following the Senate majority’s rejection of a House request for a conference committee to resolve differences over a resolution to continue funding government. 

“This morning, majority Democrats in the Senate rejected an offer from the House of Representatives to meet in conference to try to resolve differences over a resolution to continue funding the federal government. It marked the fourth time in less than a week that Majority Leader Reid refused to accept a reasonable compromise that would keep government running and spare Americans from the initial impact of the Obamacare health reform law. 

“Republicans have already offered a number of compromises, notably modifying our call to defund Obamacare to delaying the program for one year, an action the American people support. The president has already delayed the employer mandate, and it is only fair and reasonable that he and Democrats accord the same consideration to ordinary Americans by delaying the individual mandate. 

“Compromise always involves give and take. Democrats need to join with us, in a bipartisan way, to resolve our differences and get our government operating again.”