Hoeven Touts North Dakota Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Grand Opening for Grand Forks Collaborative Business Center

GRAND FORKS, N.D. –Senator John Hoeven today spoke at the grand opening for Evolve Grand Forks’ 701 Coworking Space. The 701 Coworking Space will help entrepreneurs start their own business by reducing overhead and providing access to a creative and collaborative space to help spur innovation.

“We’ve worked hard to create in North Dakota the right legal, tax and regulatory environment to empower entrepreneurs and help create startups and innovative new businesses,” Hoeven said. “Our communities are also committed to providing needed support to spur innovation, and we are seeing a third wave of economic growth in our state with the rise of a strong technology sector. Our state’s economy is becoming more diverse, and the efforts of organizations like Evolve Grand Forks foster a spirit of collaboration and help entrepreneurs leverage resources and take advantage of opportunities. Today marks another way in which we are laying the groundwork and building the infrastructure to support a strong tech sector to create jobs and meet the challenges of tomorrow.”

Evolve Grand Forks is a non-profit organization that supports a culture of entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Greater Grand Forks community. Their focus is to help individuals start a business without having to quit their job or going into a lot of debt.

Since his time as governor, Hoeven has worked to position North Dakota for growth in the technology sector, which he named as one of the state’s five targeted industries. The senator works through his role on the Senate Appropriations Committee to build a pro-growth business climate for the state’s industries, and works with state and local leaders with initiatives like the annual State of Technology Conference to foster innovation and collaboration.