Hoeven to Host U.S. Forestry Chief Tidwell in N.D.

Senator to Hold Roundtable with Ranchers

WASHINGTON– Senator John Hoeven today announced that U.S. Forestry Chief Tom Tidwell will visit North Dakota at the senator’s invitation to meet with North Dakota’s grazing associations and individual ranchers to discuss management practices for grazing and ranching on the Little Missouri National Grasslands, and specifically, using third party mediation when deciding management practices for grazing.

The senator invited Tidwell to address controlled burns on grasslands, the North Billings Allotment Management Plan Revision Project Final Environmental Impact Statement, and the value and high quality of our state’s research as an aid to evaluate grasslands management.

WHAT: Senator Hoeven will be hosting a roundtable discussion with Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell

WHEN: Friday, May 30, 2014 at 10:30 am MT

WHERE: Strom Center, 1679 6th Avenue West in Dickinson

“It’s important that Chief Tidwell hear firsthand from our ranchers about the real world challenges they face, and I appreciate his willingness to come to North Dakota to sit down with them for a good exchange on the best ways to manage the grasslands,” Hoeven said.

At Hoeven’s request, Tidwell has visited North Dakota on several occasions for meetings with grazing associations and local ranchers to better understand the challenges facing ranchers in the grasslands.