Hoeven Statement on Voting for a Senate Measure to Continue the Operations of the U.S. Government

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven today issued the following statement after voting to move forward legislation to ensure the continued operation of the U.S. government. The measure passed with a large bipartisan majority:

“Today, I voted to move forward a Continuing Resolution that will fund the United States government, thereby averting a government shutdown. Although we were not able to defund Planned Parenthood with this legislation, I have consistently voted to do so and will continue that effort. Also, the legislation we moved forward today continues the ban on using federal funding for abortion.

“Last week, we put forth a measure that would have funded the government and defunded Planned Parenthood. To ensure that women’s health care needs were met, it reallocated its funding to community health care centers in the states. With 16 centers across North Dakota, that measure would have benefited our state by giving women broader access to care. Unfortunately, the legislation did not pass. However, I believe that is how we make sure that the government does not fund abortions and, at the same time, does take care of women’s health care needs.”