Hoeven Statement on the U.S. Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven released the following statement after President Donald Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

“As written, the Paris Climate Accord was not fair for America. It requires the United States to reduce carbon emissions but does not require the same from countries like China, Russia and India. In fact, the United States has already reduced its CO2 emissions by 12 percent since 2006, and it is projected to continue to reduce emissions in the future without the agreement.

“North Dakota has shown that through a strong business climate, regulatory certainty and technology innovation, we can meet our energy needs while being good environmental stewards. We have projects underway in our state right now to improve efficiency and reduce the emissions of both traditional and renewable energy sources – from coal power plants to ethanol production. Projects using the latest technology, like Project Tundra, the Allam Cycle and other carbon capture projects that are made possible through regulatory certainty, will help maintain affordable energy prices for families and businesses while also reducing emissions. The President indicated he is willing to renegotiate the agreement if it is fair to America, but any renegotiation of the climate agreement should recognize and promote innovative approaches to energy, which will strengthen our economy, provide good jobs and improve our energy security.”