Hoeven Statement on Senator Reid's Procedural Vote This Evening on the Energy Efficiency Bill

Procedural Vote Blocks All Amendments, Including Keystone XL Pipeline and Measure to Prevent EPA CO2 Regulations on Power Plant

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven today issued the following statement after Senator Harry Reid’s procedural vote this evening to block amendments to the energy efficiency bill:

“The vote Senator Harry Reid held evening was not a vote for energy efficiency, but a procedural vote to block any and all amendments to the Senate energy efficiency bill. That includes the Keystone XL approval measure I introduced with bipartisan support from 55 cosponsors.

“Also blocked was an amendment I cosponsored with Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia that is vital to North Dakota because it prevents the EPA from imposing costly CO2 regulations on power plants, raising costs dramatically for America’s businesses and families.

“It’s disappointing that Senator Reid and Democrats are blocking important energy legislation on procedural grounds, rather than having an open amendment process, as the Senate has always had. We will continue to work to approve the Keystone XL pipeline project because it is good for American workers, good for our economy and good for America’s national security.