Hoeven Statement on President's FY2022 Budget Request

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven issued the following statement on the president’s $6 trillion budget request for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022.

“This $6 trillion budget proposal from the Biden administration is more unrestrained spending and big government, saddling future generations with unprecedented levels of debt. Further, the administration has proposed $3.6 trillion in tax increases that would burden our economy, put us at a competitive disadvantage and further hurt our recovery from COVID-19. This is not the right approach for our nation. With inflation already at 4.2 percent and rising, we need to get our debt and deficit under control and responsibly focus on advancing bipartisan efforts that will ensure our national and economic security. At the same time, we must find ways to pay for our priorities, like defense, public safety and targeted infrastructure, and reduce unnecessary spending.”