Hoeven Statement on EPA's New Carbon Emissions Rule for New Coal-Fired Power Plants

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven issued the following statement in response to the new rule governing carbon emissions released today by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

“The new rule the EPA released today will clearly have a negative impact on the energy industry and the American people. It will kill jobs, weaken our economy and deprive American families and businesses access to affordable energy. The rule goes too far too fast, effectively making it cost-prohibitive to build modern, coal-fired generating facilities.

“Also troubling is the fact that the administration has appropriated the authority to make a major decision that rightfully belongs to Congress. The president has declined to work with or even consult Congress on a policy decision that will impact virtually every American for many years to come.

“I know I speak for many in the Senate when I say that Congress will challenge this rule and work to replace it with a more realistic, common-sense approach that retains and increases the number of American jobs, enhances America’s economy and strengthens America’s energy security.”