Hoeven Statement on Biden Administration's Methane Emissions Plan

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven, a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, today released the following statement after the Biden administration announced a proposal to impose burdensome and duplicative regulations on energy producers and other industries to address methane emissions. The Biden administration is also working to create a new natural gas tax as part of the Democrats’ tax-and-spend legislation. 

“The Biden administration is undermining domestic energy production at the cost of good jobs and increased prices for consumers. Natural gas prices are already skyrocketing, with home heating prices expected to be up 30 percent this winter, and these regulations combined with the burdensome taxes in the Democrats’ tax-and-spend legislation will make matters worse.

“North Dakota has demonstrated that we can produce more energy with better environmental stewardship. Last year, the oil and gas industry in our state captured 94 percent of all natural gas produced in the Bakken. We can replicate that success across the nation by providing regulatory relief and empowering the energy industry to invest in gas-gathering lines, transmission pipelines and the facilities needed to capture and make good use of methane. That means streamlining the regulatory process, not imposing unworkable rules and unnecessary costs that will only further discourage energy production in the U.S., which will lead to greater inflation and harm our economic and national security.”