Hoeven Statement on a Measure to Continue Government Operations that Did Not Get Enough Votes to Pass Today

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven today issued the following statement after legislation to fund the continued operation of the United States government did not get enough votes to pass in the Senate.

“Today, I voted to advance a Continuing Resolution that would have funded the U.S. government at the current year’s level until December 9, 2016. The measure includes $1.1 billion in emergency funding that will be used for vaccine development, mosquito control and healthcare services to address the Zika virus outbreak. The legislation also includes record funding for our veterans and resources to help combat the growing heroin and opioid abuse epidemic in North Dakota and across the country.

“Unfortunately, today’s continuing resolution did not get enough votes to pass, so we need more of our colleagues to join us on this bipartisan agreement before Friday, which marks the end of the federal Fiscal Year.”