Hoeven Statement After Voting for Resolution to Fix the Senate Confirmation Process

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven released the following statement after voting for a resolution to prevent delays in the confirmation of district court judges and other executive branch nominees. The resolution, which was blocked from consideration, reduces debate time from 30 hours to two hours for district court judges and executive branch nominees, while retaining the 30 hours of debate for high-level nominees, including Supreme Court Justices, Circuit Courts of Appeals judges and Cabinet-level officials.

“Delays in the confirmation process are preventing qualified nominees from filling important roles,” said Hoeven. “During the first two years of President Trump’s presidency, the Senate forced a cloture vote, or 30 hours of debate, on 128 nominees, compared to just 12 during President Obama’s first two years in office. These reforms would ensure that there is still debate on nominees, while also making the process more efficient and effective so we can get qualified nominees confirmed and working for the American people.”

During the eight years of the Obama Administration, the Senate confirmed 272 district court judges. Since President Trump has been elected, the Senate has confirmed 53 district judges. At that pace, only 195 district judges would be approved over an eight year period.