Hoeven Statement After Meeting with Border Security Professionals

Senator Urged Conference Committee to Hear Directly from Career Professionals

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven released the following statement after being briefed by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) career professionals on priorities for securing the border. Today’s briefing was scheduled at Hoeven’s suggestion after he urged the conferees to use the expertise of the career border patrol professionals to determine what is needed to secure the border.  

“By listening to the career border patrol agents, we can find a solution to fund border security. This briefing enabled us to hear directly from the career border patrol professionals about how to best secure the border. They made it clear that we need a physical barrier, along with technology and additional border patrol agents. The border patrol experts outlined their priorities for deploying physical barriers and noted the importance of barriers in detecting, slowing, and impeding those seeking to illegally cross the border. The border professionals laid out what steps Congress should be taking to make sure we have cost effective and mission effective border security, and that includes investments in barriers, personnel, and technology.

“The conference committee needs to listen to the border patrol professionals and provide them with resources for a physical barrier, as well as technology and the personnel necessary to secure our border and ensure our national security.”