Hoeven: Senate Passes Resolution to Support D.C. Law Enforcement, Nullify Unworkable Policing Mandates

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven today issued the following statement after voting for a joint resolution of disapproval to nullify a measure passed by the District of Columbia that imposes unworkable mandates on law enforcement in the nation’s capital.

“As violent crime in our nation’s capital continues to increase, the D.C. Council is pushing heavy-handed rules that restrict the ability of law enforcement to investigate crimes, prosecute offenders and protect the public, including both the residents of D.C. and our constituents who are visiting,” said Hoeven. “Our law enforcement officers face challenging and dangerous situations on a daily basis, and they deserve our support. That means giving them the training, tools and resources they need to be successful, instead of undercutting their ability to do their jobs.”