Hoeven: Security Funding Request Should Include Policies Needed to Stop Illegal Crossings at Southern Border

Senator Discusses Need to Stand with Israel, Push Back on Iran, End Stalemate in Ukraine & Secure U.S. Borders

WASHINGTON – During remarks delivered on the Senate floor, Senator John Hoeven discussed the administration’s supplemental funding request to provide aid to Israel and Ukraine. In particular, the senator outlined the need to:

  • Provide military aid to Israel and push back on Iran.
    • Hoeven highlighted various attacks launched against U.S. forces by Iran’s proxies in the Middle East since the October 7 attack against Israel.
    • The senator stressed the need to counter Iran’s aggression and respond forcefully to these attacks, a priority he also raised with the Secretary of Defense at this week’s Senate Appropriations Committee hearing.
  • Advance a strategy for victory in Ukraine and end the stalemate with Putin.
  • Protect the U.S. here at home by securing the border and enforcing the law, which includes:
    • Reinstating the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) or Remain in Mexico Policy.
    • Strictly Enforcing the Safe Third Country Agreements.
    • Completing construction of the border wall at the nation’s southern border and putting in place the required technology, infrastructure and personnel.

“I believe that we need to support Israel, our staunch ally. We see Israelis fighting for their very existence. They need our help, and they need it now. I believe this includes not only military assistance but also standing against Iran,” said Hoeven. “I also recognize that we need to support Ukraine. We know from history that tyrants like Putin do not stop – they must be stopped. And as we support Ukraine, we need a strategy for victory to end this war, not to have a continued stalemate.

“At the same time, enhancing our national security means we also need to secure the homeland, and that means security our southern border. Border security is national security, but the Biden administration does not have a plan in place to secure the border. They are doing just the opposite. We have an open border, at a time when we’re concerned about attacks from terrorists. Last month, we had a record 270,000 illegal encounters at the southern border. Last year, we had 2.5 million illegal encounters, also a record, and that includes 169 individuals that were on the terrorist watch list. I am sure that our adversaries are very much aware of this vulnerability.

“The supplemental calls for funding to support ‘Border Security.’ This administration’s definition of ‘Border Security’ is processing migrants who illegally come across the southern border, and then providing them with housing, transportation, and other services once they enter the United States. That will only encourage more illegal immigration when we should be making every effort to get the border under control.

“The keys to securing the border and stopping illegal crossings at our southern border are simple, and we know what they are. The solutions are there, but the administration won’t apply them. We’re not guessing at this, because the last administration put these in place, and they work… It is way past time to get this done. These are the things that I think must be included as we consider this funding.”

Hoeven’s full remarks can be viewed here.