Hoeven Secures Commitment from USDA Rural Development Nominee to Provide Housing Assistance in North Dakota

WASHINGTON – At a hearing of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Senator John Hoeven secured a commitment from Lisa Mensah, the nominee to be U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Under Secretary for Rural Development, to ensure USDA housing assistance programs are available to help growing North Dakota communities. Hoeven invited Mensah to visit North Dakota and see firsthand the state’s growth challenges and opportunities.

“North Dakota is the fastest growing state in the nation,” said Hoeven. “One of the biggest challenges of that growth is a lack of housing across the state, but especially in our rural areas. We need USDA to work with us to ensure communities have quality, affordable housing options, especially single family homes, for our families.”

Hoeven encouraged Mensah, who currently serves as executive director of the Initiative on Financial Security at the Aspen Institute, to use her background in finance to deploy USDA’s rural development programs, including loan guarantees, to meet North Dakota’s housing and infrastructure needs.

“USDA Rural Development has programs in water, wastewater, telecommunications, housing and other infrastructure,” said Hoeven. “We’re going to give you an opportunity to deploy all of these, so your commitment to working with us is much appreciated.”