Hoeven Secures Commitment from U.S. Forest Service Chief to Visit North Dakota

WASHINGTON – At a hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee this week, Senator John Hoeven secured a commitment from acting U.S. Forest Service Chief Victoria Christiansen to visit North Dakota to see the state’s grasslands and to ensure that the agency is working with North Dakota grazing organizations. 

“In North Dakota, our grazing associations utilize Forest Service lands for grazing their livestock after paying grazing permit fees. This has been a longstanding partnership and is important to my constituents,” said Hoeven “We need to uphold this partnership that benefits both the Forest Service and our nation’s ranchers, and we appreciate Chief Christiansen’s willingness to visit North Dakota to see the grasslands firsthand.”

The senator also pressed the chief to support North Dakota priorities, including:

  • Wildfire Resources – Given recent wildfires, Hoeven encouraged support for wildfire programs, including volunteer and state fire assistance programs that help to fight wildfire and safeguard human lives, livestock and property. 
  • Roadway Access – The senator pressed the Forest Service to ensure access to county roads, which were built before the national grasslands, that run through Forest Service managed grasslands. In recent years, the Forest Service has been assuming authority over these roads and restricting public access.
  • Section Lines – Hoeven also urged the chief to help resolve the dispute between the state and Forest Service regarding section lines on Forest Service land.