Hoeven Secures $350 Million DOE Grant to Advance Project Tundra

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven, a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, today announced he has helped secure $350 million in federal funding for Project Tundra, a carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) project on a traditional coal-fired power plant. Project Tundra is led by Minnkota Power Cooperative and partners TC Energy, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Kiewit.

Hoeven has been working to advance Project Tundra to provide a way forward for the state’s coal-fired electric industry. The senator led the North Dakota delegation in outlining the benefits of the project to Department of Energy (DOE). Today’s funding is in addition to the $43 million in federal funding Hoeven previously helped secure for the project, as well as loan guarantees and the 45Q tax credit necessary to make the CCUS projects commercially viable.

“Project Tundra is a vital component to the future of our coal-fired electric industry. North Dakota has led the way in reducing SOx, NOx and mercury emissions, and now with Project Tundra, we’re leading the technology development of carbon capture and storage on a traditional coal-fired power plant. We started working on this in 2008 and are one of only two places in the country that can do it,” said Hoeven. “This federal investment along with the 45Q tax credit we have put in place will enable Minnkota and its partners to advance this project to help ensure the next generation of coal-fired power is here today and for future generations.” 

Today’s funding is awarded through DOE’s Carbon Capture Demonstration Projects Program.