Hoeven Pushing Back on President Biden's Harmful Energy Agenda

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven took to the Senate floor this week to push back on President Biden’s harmful energy agenda, which is leading to decreased domestic energy production, increased prices for American consumers, a less reliable electric grid and a greater dependence on energy from less stable parts of the world.

“Since January, President Biden has been saying ‘no’ to America’s energy producers,” said Hoeven. “President Biden is blocking new energy leases on federal lands, stifling the opportunity to harness our abundant taxpayer-owned energy reserves. President Biden also killed the Keystone XL pipeline and is actively discouraging needed private sector investment in new oil, gas and coal production.

“President Biden’s policies will not only increase the pain at the pump, they are threatening the ability to keep the lights on. President Biden’s climate policies will accelerate the grid’s reliance on intermittent renewable sources of power, at the expense of always-available baseload generation from sources like coal and nuclear power… We’ve seen the cost of overreliance on intermittent generation sources, through the brownouts and blackouts during extreme weather events in California and Texas. Blackouts and brownouts are simply not acceptable in an energy rich nation such as ours. 

“We need to maintain our baseload sources of electric generation that are available 24/7, regardless of weather conditions, to keep the lights on and homes warm as we enter the winter months. And rather than turning to OPEC and less stable places in the world, we should be empowering our American energy workers to develop our abundant energy reserves at home, using the latest and greatest technology to do it with better environmental stewardship. More supply of energy means lower costs for consumers, it’s as simple as that. President Biden needs to instead work with us to support our domestic energy producers and their work to provide low-cost, dependable energy to our homes and businesses.”

Hoeven’s full remarks can be viewed here.