Hoeven Presses Secretary of Defense to Release Assistance to Israel

Senator Stresses Importance of Fully Defeating Hamas, Condemns Decision to Withhold Military Aid to Israel

WASHINGTON — At a hearing of the Senate Defense Appropriations Committee this week, Senator John Hoeven this week pressed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to provide all military assistance approved by Congress to Israel in support of its fight against Hamas. The senator stressed the importance of empowering Israel to fully defeat Hamas, ensure the terrorist organization cannot recover and prevent future attacks. Hoeven strongly condemned President Biden’s decision to withhold assistance, particularly for systems such as precision munitions and smart weapons, which would enable Israel to target Hamas with less risk to the civilian population.

“Israel must be allowed to fully defeat Hamas in order to prevent another attack like what occurred on October 7,” said Hoeven. “It makes no sense to hold back military aid, which was approved on a broad bipartisan basis in Congress, especially when it includes the kinds of systems that would allow for more targeted strikes that reduce the risk to civilians. This delay only draws out the conflict and gives Hamas the opportunity to regroup and recover. The Biden administration must release the assistance and deliver it to Israel as soon as possible.”