Hoeven Presses Regional FEMA 8 Director For Full-Flood Assistance Declaration

Preliminary Damage Assessments to Begin Tomorrow in 19 Areas

BISMARCK, ND – Sen. John Hoeven today again spoke to Region 8 FEMA Director Robin Finegan and FEMA’s Federal Coordinating Officer for North Dakota Willie Nunn to secure Federal Cost Sharing Assistance for flood protection measures and damages in addition to the current direct federal assistance. Hoeven also stressed that the incident period should begin on Feb. 14 instead of April 5 as under the current partial declaration.  

“The full federal FEMA declaration will cover the federal cost share for flood protection measures and recovery efforts undertaken by cities, counties and the state in battling flood waters throughout North Dakota,” Hoeven said. “The expanded incident period is necessary because we started incurring the costs of preparing for this year’s significant flood in mid-February.”  

The full declaration, if approved, will trigger federal cost share assistance for categories A-G, which covers the construction of roads, dikes and other flood protection measures as well as damages incurred to public infrastructure. 

Finegan told Hoeven an initial group of 18 counties and one tribe are ready for preliminary damage assessments and said state and FEMA teams will begin those assessments on Tuesday. The governor has requested assistance for 42 counties and 3 tribes.  

Information from the preliminary damage assessments will then be reviewed by state emergency managers and sent to FEMA to show costs that have been incurred and are eligible for cost share reimbursement. According to Finnegan, once that data is provided, FEMA and the administration will make a final decision on cost reimbursement.