Hoeven Presses Biden to Reopen U.S. Border with Canada

Senator Outlines Negative Impacts of Continued Border Restrictions on North Dakotans

BISMARCK, N.D. – Senator John Hoeven is urging President Joe Biden to safely reopen the U.S. border with Canada for trade and non-essential travel. After the Biden administration announced on Friday that it would continue border restrictions with Canada through at least September 21, Hoeven wrote to the President to outline the challenges of continued border restrictions on North Dakota and communities across the nation, and urge the administration to reopen the border with Canada to trade and travel.

“The continued border restrictions that prevent entry to the United States from Canada have created challenges for my constituents, including individuals who have family, friends, or property on the other side of the border.  In addition to the personal impact to individuals on both sides of the border who have been unable to visit with loved ones, the continued closure of our northern border has also impacted small businesses and created supply chain disruptions.  Trade and travel along the U.S.-Canadian border are essential to the U.S. economy as well as the economic livelihoods for states and those living along the border.  The continued restrictions on non-essential travel have put an immense strain on communities along the U.S.-Canadian border, as the majority of these communities are remote and rely on tourism and travel between the United States and Canada,” Hoeven wrote.

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