Hoeven Outlines Rise in Violent Crime, Urges Colleagues to Support Law Enforcement

Senator Calls on Biden Administration to Secure the Border, Pushes Back on Defund the Police Movement

WASHINGTON – During remarks delivered on the floor of the U.S. Senate today, Senator John Hoeven outlined the alarming increase in violent crime across the U.S. The senator urged his colleagues in Congress to better support law enforcement, giving them the tools needed to protect communities. To this end, Hoeven is working to secure the nation’s borders to help limit drug and human trafficking, while sponsoring measures like the resolution introduced by Senator Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.) to oppose the D.C. City Council’s efforts to ease penalties for violent crime in the nation’s capital.

“Crimes, and specifically violent crimes, are exploding at troubling rates nationwide. Crime is at a 25-year high across the country,” said Hoeven. “Connected to the rise in crime is the Biden administration’s open border policy, which is resulting in increased drug and human trafficking. At the same time, radical proposals to “defund the police” are the exact opposite of what we should be doing now.

“Our nation’s capital is unfortunately a prime example of out-of-control crime, with crime up 25 percent since March 2022. In that same timeframe, homicides are up 30 percent and motor vehicle theft is up 110 percent. As the center of our government and a symbol of our country, this is simply unacceptable. And instead of working to protect our nation’s capital and all of our constituents who visit here, the D.C. Council has voted to ease violent crime penalties.

“We must get serious about public safety and addressing the nationwide rise in crime by supporting our law enforcement and ensuring they have the resources and training they need to protect our communities.” 

Hoeven’s full remarks can be viewed here