Hoeven: North Dakota's Pro-Business Climate Attracts New Tech Partnership Between Microsoft, Hitachi Consulting


FARGO, N.D. – Senator John Hoeven today joined company executives and state and local leaders to announce a new partnership between Microsoft and Hitachi Consulting in Fargo.  Hitachi Consulting, a global company, will provide IT work for Microsoft from its Fargo campus, as it works to build a new operation in North Dakota. Hoeven welcomed Hitachi Consulting to the state and said its agreement with Microsoft is a good example of the economic growth that comes with a strong business climate.  

“Microsoft has been a leader in North Dakota’s technology industry, and we’re pleased that this partnership with Hitachi Consulting continues the growth of our state’s tech sector,” said Hoeven. “We work hard in North Dakota to create a strong business climate that attracts companies, like Microsoft and Hitachi Consulting, to choose to invest in our state. We also have a dedicated and qualified workforce to help these companies succeed. These are both important factors in growing our economy and attracting good jobs. These are the kinds of jobs we need to get our national economy going again.”

Over the last decade, Hoeven has worked to create a pro-growth legal, tax and regulatory environment in North Dakota to attract private investment and create good jobs in the state. As governor, Hoeven established the state’s Centers of Excellence program, which builds partnerships between the public and private sectors that attract new investments and prepares students for careers in key areas including technology.

            Senator Hoeven is a member of the Senate Republican High Tech Task Force, which works to ensure the nation’s technology firms continue to lead the world economy. Hoeven and members of the task force promote private sector innovation and create a strong business environment for the nation’s technology companies.