Hoeven: New 'Super 2' Lanes Will Increase Travel Ease, Safety in Western North Dakota

WATFORD CITY, N.D. – Senator John Hoeven today joined state and local officials for a ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the completion of a project to “Super 2” a 40-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 85 between Watford City and Williston on U.S. Highway 85. As governor, Hoeven worked with the North Dakota Department of Transportation to develop a plan that would initially “Super 2” Highway 85 with the goal of eventually expanding it to a four-lane highway.

The NDDOT project, which began in June, added one-mile-long “Super 2”-style passing lanes spaced approximately five miles apart between Watford City and Williston, for a total of 12 passing and climbing lanes. It also included turning lanes, curve realignment to accommodate current speed limits and increased pavement thickness to meet traffic needs in the area.

“North Dakotans need good roads to maintain a high quality of life. These new ‘Super 2’ passing lanes will help our residents, visitors, and energy workers travel with greater ease and safety throughout the area,” Hoeven said.

Hoeven’s longtime goal is to see Highway 85 eventually expanded into an undivided four-lane highway. As governor, Hoeven oversaw the conversion of Highway 2 into four lanes. Highway 83 between Minot and Bismarck are four-lane roads, as are Interstates 94 and 29. The expansion of Highway 85 into four lanes would complete a four-lane “figure-eight” of the state’s major highways.

The project cost $43.6 million, which included $36 million in federal funding. The state and Watford City provided the rest of the funding.

Hoeven was joined by Governor Jack Dalrymple, Watford City Mayor Brent Sanford, Williston Mayor Ward Koser, Alexander Mayor Kay Glick, Arnegard Mayor Virginia Elliot, NDDOT Director Francis Ziegler, and members of the state legislature.

Highway 85 Super 2 Opening