Hoeven: New Dunn County Roadway Building Example of Benefits of Oil Production on Federal Lands

Facility Funded Using $10 Million in Federal Mineral Royalties

KILLDEER, N.D. – Senator John Hoeven today joined Dunn County leaders at a ribbon cutting for the new Dunn County Roadway Building, a 23,500-square-foot building with state-of-the-art technology including a ten-ton moveable crane to lift heavy equipment anywhere in the shop, new welding bay with exhaust system, and a technology center with smart rooms for training and continuing education. The $10 million facility is funded through federal mineral royalties. 

“This new roadway building will be a tremendous asset to the citizens of Dunn County and will help to ensure the safety and reliability of roadways throughout the county. There are approximately 1,000 square miles of road to maintain in Dunn County, and this new facility will help make that job a little easier for the hardworking road crews,” said Hoeven. “This building was funded using $10 million in federal mineral royalties and is a good example of one of the benefits of oil production on federal lands. That’s why we continue pushing the Biden administration to take the handcuffs off our energy producers so we can lower energy costs for U.S. consumers, but also help fund important local projects like this roadway building.” 

Hoeven was joined at the ribbon cutting by state and local officials including, North Dakota State Senator Dale Patten, North Dakota State Representative Jeremy Olson, North Dakota State Representative Kelby Timmons, Dunn County Commission Chair Cody Buehner, Dunn County Commission Vice Chair Craig Pelton, Dunn County Commissioner Tracey Dolezal, Dunn County Commissioner Robert Kleeman, Dunn County Commissioner JoAnn Marsh and Dunn County Road Superintendent David Lym.