Hoeven Makes the Case to President Biden on DAPL as MHA Nation and State Make Filings in Federal Court Urging Continued Operation of DAPL

Senator Hand Delivers Letters from MHA, State of ND Supporting Pipeline To President

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven yesterday hand delivered to President Biden letters from Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman Mark Fox and North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem emphasizing the need to keep the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) operational while the Army Corps of Engineers completes its court-ordered review. The Senator made the case to the President as Chairman Fox filed a brief in federal court outlining the impact of a potential shutdown of DAPL on the tribe, and Attorney General Stenehjem requested to intervene in the case to ensure North Dakota’s interests are protected. 

Hoeven has been working to keep the pipeline online, making the case to President Biden, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and repeatedly with Army Corps Chief LTG Scott Spellmon that the court allows adequate time for tribal and state consultation and to prevent a shutdown of DAPL while the Corps completes its environmental review. The full text of the filings made by the Chairman can be found here and the Attorney General’s request can be found here.

“At a meeting with the President yesterday, I outlined the importance of keeping the Dakota Access Pipeline online and hand-delivered to President Biden letters from the Chairman and Attorney General in support of this vital energy infrastructure. This coincides with the filings made by Chairman Fox and Attorney General Stenehjem that make a strong case that a shutdown of DAPL would significantly harm the Three Affiliated Tribes and North Dakota. Specifically, a shutdown would seriously impact the value of the tribe’s oil and gas resources, resulting in the loss of critical revenues needed to support health care, education, housing and other priorities as well as harming the tribe’s ability to recover from COVID-19. The State of North Dakota would face devastating economic and revenue losses as well, and that’s why we have been making the case to the administration to support the pipeline’s continued operation and ensure the court allows for consultation between the Army Corps and the tribe and state to take place. This is not only about supporting the livelihood of tribal members and North Dakotans, but also ensuring our country remains energy independent, which is vital to our national security.”