Hoeven Makes Case for North Dakota Military Construction Projects

Senator Outlines Need for Fargo National Guard Readiness Center, Upgrades to Helicopter Facility at Minot Air Force Base

WASHINGTON – At a hearing of the Senate Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Committee this week, Senator John Hoeven made the case for important military construction projects for the North Dakota National Guard and Minot Air Force Base. Specifically, Hoeven outlined the needs for a new Army National Guard readiness center in Fargo and to upgrade the helicopter operations facility in Minot. 

“These military construction projects are important for North Dakota’s men and women in uniform,” said Hoeven. “The Army National Guard readiness center in Fargo will be a significant upgrade for the North Dakota Guard. The new facility will enhance the readiness of the units the facility will support, and better accommodate their needs.”

“In Minot, we’re working to replace the aging Huey helicopter that are used to patrol the missile fields, and we’ll need infrastructure to support those new helicopters. This is a vital part of maintaining nuclear deterrence, and it is very important that we make the construction investments necessary to support this mission,” Hoeven continued.

Specifically, the budget request includes: 

  • Army National Guard Readiness Center in Fargo – The Readiness Center will house, support and train three Army National Guard units. The center will include unheated enclosed vehicle storage and space to accommodate elements of the 141st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, the 191st Military Police Company and the 112th Aviation Regiment. 
  • Upgraded Helicopter Operations Facility in Minot – Construction of a new aircraft maintenance unit, aircraft maintenance shelter, aircraft alert hanger and operations facility. The project is necessary to support helicopter operations to secure the ICBM alert and launch facilities. The existing facilities are aging and will not accommodate the anticipated replacement of the Huey helicopters deployed at Minot Air Force Base.