Hoeven: Immigration Legislation Needs to Address Administration's Four Pillars

That Includes Border Security, Ending Diversity Lottery, Addressing Chain Migration and DACA

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven today released the following statement regarding the Senate debate on immigration.  

“We support the president’s four pillars for immigration reform. As part of any legislation to permanently address DACA, we need to address chain migration, end the visa lottery system and ensure that our border is secure to prevent illegal immigration going forward.

“I voted against the proposal put forward by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer because the Department of Homeland Security said it would not secure the border, nor did it end the diversity lottery system or adequately address chain migration.

“I voted in favor of a separate proposal supported by the President, which was introduced by Senator Chuck Grassley, that would have addressed DACA recipients in a fair manner and at the same time provided real border security to prevent illegal immigration going forward. The legislation would have provided $25 billion in funding for border security, including building a wall and adding technology and people, while also closing loopholes in current immigration law, like Catch and Release. The proposal also would have ended the diversity lottery program and addressed chain migration.”

“Additionally, during the immigration debate, I voted in favor of the Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act, legislation to ensure that cities and states that disregard federal immigration laws are held accountable for their actions. We need to uphold the laws of the land and maintain the rule of law.”