Hoeven Honored With National Drug Court Professionals' 2011 All Rise Leadership Award

WASHINGTON – The National Association of Drug Court Professionals’ (NADCP) today presented Senator John Hoeven with the organization’s 2011 All Rise Leadership Award.  The presentation was made in a Washington, D.C. ceremony on the U.S. Capitol grounds featuring actors Martin Sheen, Harry Lennix, Mathew Perry and Melissa Fitzgerald. 

As governor, Hoeven was a strong advocate of Drug Courts, which provide treatment, support and close monitoring as an alternative to incarceration for non-violent, chemically addicted offenders who have pleaded guilty to drug or alcohol offenses. Participants attend court sessions each week and are involved in intensive treatment and probation programs. They are tested for drug and alcohol use several times during the week and are required to work, attend school or do community service for forty hours weekly. 

In 2003 as governor, Hoeven promoted and signed into law a bill in North Dakota that made pilot drug court programs in the state a permanent part of the judicial system. 

“Drug Courts provide a cost-effective, compassionate way to reclaim lives and prevent offenders from repeating their crimes,” Hoeven said. “I am tremendously honored by this award, but believe the honor should go to the many caring professionals in the courts, law enforcement and the health care community who work so hard to find a better way for individuals and communities to address substance abuse and drug-related crime.”

 Drug courts involve a range of community professionals, including treatment providers, judges, defense counsel, prosecutors, school representatives, law enforcement, probation officers, and community service providers. North Dakota currently has thirteen operating courts: five adult, six juvenile, one tribal and one college. They are located in Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot, North Dakota State University, Belcourt, Williston and Devils Lake.

Hoeven All Rise Leadership Award