Hoeven Holds Roundtable with Minot Leaders, USPS District Manager to Discuss Mail Service Issues

Senator Raising Concerns with USPS Regarding Delivery Delays, Impact of Current Winter Weather Conditions, Long Wait Times & Need for Updated Postal Facility

MINOT, N.D. – Senator John Hoeven today held a roundtable with Minot Mayor Tom Ross and U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Minnesota/North Dakota District Manager Anthony Williams, who joined the meeting remotely, to discuss recent mail service disruptions in the area. Hoeven outlined to District Manager Williams the need for timely delivery by USPS in Minot and the surrounding region. Specifically, the senator:

  • Raised recent delivery and service issues impacting local residents.
  • Requested information on any disruptions that USPS anticipates due to current winter weather conditions.
  • Discussed the need for an updated postal facility in Minot.

This conversation builds on a meeting Hoeven held with Williams in Minot last year to discuss service issues and workforce shortages. The senator has also been consistently submitting community concerns to USPS, both at the district level and in D.C., to help resolve issues.

“Mail service is essential for individuals, families and businesses, who rely on USPS to deliver everything from life-saving medications to bills and financial documents,” said Hoeven. “We continue to hear from North Dakotans, particularly in Minot, about long delays in mail delivery and excessive wait times at the post office, among other issues. We continue to raise these issues with USPS, both at the district and national levels, and are pressing USPS to resolve workforce shortages and address the issues with Minot’s postal facility.”

Immediately prior to today’s roundtable, Hoeven toured the Minot USPS facility with Post Office Operations Manager Shannon Fiddler to reinforce the problems that local residents are experiencing with the existing post office and stress the importance of ensuring reliable mail service.