Hoeven: Following Expansion, VA to Develop Enhanced Facilities at Fargo National Cemetery

Veterans Cemetery Center to Include Chapel, Gathering Space, Kitchen and Breakroom, Locker Room, Restrooms, Office Space & Storage

FARGO, N.D. – Senator John Hoeven today held a roundtable with state and local leaders, veterans groups, the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber and other stakeholders to discuss the expansion of the Fargo National Cemetery (FNC) from 5 to 35 acres and opportunities for future enhancements. Specifically, Hoeven outlined a commitment he secured from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to work with stakeholders in the region to build a Veterans Cemetery Center on the newly purchased land that:

  • Can properly accommodate North Dakota’s veterans, their families and volunteers.
  • Is commensurate with the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery in Mandan.
    • This means a center that includes a chapel, gathering space, kitchen and breakroom, locker room, restrooms, office space and storage.
  • Incorporates input from local stakeholders.
    • Hoeven has shared the design and features developed by the Fargo Memorial Honor Guard with the National Cemetery Administration (NCA), as well as the schematics for the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery.
  • Will be developed utilizing a “gift fund” that 501(c)(3) organizations would be able to donate to for the purpose of constructing a future facility.
    • This comes in addition to the millions of dollars the VA has spent establishing, expanding and developing infrastructure for the FNC, as well as ongoing operations and maintenance costs.

“We have come a long way since the Fargo National Cemetery was dedicated in 2019, and the future development of a Veterans Cemetery Center is the next big step in providing our veterans and their families with the support and honor they have earned,” said Hoeven. “This recent expansion to 35 acres, as well as the additional infrastructure we’ve built so far, is proof that when we all work together, we get things done. Moving forward, that is what we must continue doing to bring this center to the Fargo National Cemetery. By leveraging the tremendous support of this community, this cemetery can be made on par with the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery, the finest state-run cemetery in the nation, providing the facilities we need to accommodate North Dakota’s veterans, their families and volunteers.”

Expanding FNC

Last month, Hoeven announced the purchase of land to expand FNC’s footprint from 5 acres to 35 acres, following his efforts to ensure the cemetery has adequate space for the future. Specifically, Hoeven:

  • Began working on this priority after hearing from local veterans groups that the cemetery would run out of room sooner than anticipated.
  • Worked through his role on the Senate Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Committee to ensure the timely completion of the required NEPA review.
  • Repeatedly met with local leaders, landowners and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) officials, including Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs Matt Quinn, to advance negotiations over the land sale.